The BedMatch System: Applying Science To Sleep

bedmatch system

The BedMatch System Ensures You Get the Right New Mattress

Using science to enhance your sleep

The hardest things about buying a new mattress is also the most important – testing the mattress out before you buy it. You can spend a few minutes lying on the mattress, but this doesn’t ensure you will feel comfortable and supported when you sleep on it night after night for years. That’s why the Sleep Solutions store in Bellville, IL makes use of the BedMatch System.

This scientifically-based approach to matching up you up with a mattress ensures that the one you finally choose is perfectly suited to your body type and sleep needs. Learn more about how the Bed Match System works, and rely on it the next time you’re shopping for a new mattress.

How Does the BedMatch System Work?

Years of careful research have shown that sleep really is a science. When certain variables are calibrated to meet the needs of the sleeper, it’s easier to sleep faster, deeper, and longer. When those variables are off, just the opposite is true. Tweet this

The process starts with a brief questionnaire in which you answer questions about your preferred sleeping conditions. Then you lie on a test mattress that makes over 1,000 scientific calculations to figure out exactly how you sleep based on your posture, weight, and pressure profile. Then the system makes mattress recommendations based on your unique needs.

Why is the BedMatch System Better?bedmatch system

Lying on a mattress when you are awake is a lot different than lying on it when you are asleep. Your position is different and your muscles are not as relaxed. Unfortunately, unless you can fall asleep on command there is no good way to test how comfortable and supportive a mattress when you are deep in sleep.

By using science, the BedMatch System takes away much of the uncertainty of shopping for a mattress. You know that the details that really matter have been worked out for you and that the mattress you ultimately go home with is perfectly equipped to help you sleep.

Experience the BedMatch System at Sleep Solutions

At our Belleville, IL store you can put the BedMatch System to the test.  Our Certified Sleep Geeks will walk you through the entire BedMatch process. You will also find a huge inventory of mattresess in every size and style, affordable prices, and flexible financing options.


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