Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Small Budgets

small bedroom decorating ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Small Budgets

Sometimes we just want to change up the space where we sleep. But few of us have room decorating budgets that can accommodate buying all new furniture or completely renovating a room. But with some smart decorating ideas, you can update your bedroom to make it feel more comfortable, calming and welcoming.

Getting More With Less

One of the best ways to freshen and brighten a small bedroom is to take things out instead of adding them in. Take out any furniture that cramps the space and distracts you from intimacy or sleep. Exercise equipment, desks and extra chairs should be moved to another room to give you open space.

Changing Looks With Just a Little Cash


Updating your headboard doesn’t mean having to buy a whole new bed. Look at secondhand stores for plain headboards or old mantle pieces that can be covered with some light foam and fabric. Look at small tables you are using in another room, and swap them out with your nightstand. This gives both rooms a fresh, new look.

New Looks for Your Walls

There are few things that provide more change for less cash than a new coat of paint for your walls. Light, neutral colors add brightness and warmth to a room. Dark, rich colors like ruby red add intimacy. If you aren’t sure you want to commit to a bold color on every wall, consider painting just one wall as an accent wall.
When looking for paint, buy the best you can afford. It will cover more completely with fewer coats, making it a better investment than a less expensive brand. Look in the returned and mismatched paint section; often, you will find high-quality paints that can be re-tinted to get the look that you want.

It’s All in the Accents

Everywhere you look in your bedroom; there should be things that are beautiful to you. Pick out a few pieces of art that capture the feeling you want in the most intimate room of your home. Having a couple of small, prized items displayed, such as a favorite vase, adds interest without clutter.

Best Bedding Bets

Pick out the softest and highest count sheets you can afford; this is an area where you will be happy every night that you made the investment. A thick, comforter with a gorgeous pattern adds visual interest to the room. Stock up on lots of large accent pillows; these provide a decorative touch during the day and a comfy place to read or hang out on lazy evenings.

Room decorating does not need to be expensive or difficult. With the right home decorating ideas, you can make a space that is uniquely your own without laying out large amounts of your hard earned cash.

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