Serta vs. Simmons in Belleville, IL

Serta vs. Simmons

Serta vs. Simmons – Which Mattress is right for you?

Is there really a difference?

While there are other mattress brands entering the market, Serta vs. Simmons still remain the most competitive match-up. Why? Because Innerspring mattresses comprise 80% of all mattress purchases, and these 2 Companies have the lion’s share of the Innerspring mattress market.

Simmons has been innovating sleep products for over 140 years, and has sold over 100 million mattresses. They invented the first wrapped coil spring mattress technology –Beautyrest. And I bet you didn’t know that they invented the electric blanket and the Hide-away mattress!

Serta was formed by a group of independent mattress manufacturers in 1933, and subsequently developed one of the most recognized brands in the mattress industry –Perfect Sleeper. They are widely known for their “Counting Sheep” advertising campaign. Serta is a privately held company, and has 23 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and 4 in Canada. Additionally, Serta is distributed internationally in more than 150 other countries.

Serta vs. Simmons?  Both companies are becoming more knowledgeable about solving health issues through sleep technology. As a result, each of their current product lines offer mattresses that address a full spectrum of sleep needs. The choice you make, Serta vs. Simmons, will depend upon which Company’s mattress addresses your sleep needs best.

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Take a look below at the impressive product lines of  Serta vs. Simmons.Serta vs. Simmons

The Serta Product Line:

Sertapedic mattresses offer Serta comfort and quality at exceptional values.
iComfort Sleep System offers gel-infused memory foam for more support and cooler sleep than traditional memory foam.
Perfect Day iSeries mattresses combine gel memory foam with an Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil support system for cooling, pressure-relieving comfort and support.
Serta’s Boutique Suite Hotel mattress collection offers luxurious hotel-like sleep surfaces that are double-sided to prolong the life of the mattress.
Trump Home iSeries mattresses combine Serta’s most advanced coil system with gel memory foam to offer pressure point relief and a cooler sleep experience.
Bellagio At Home mattresses use quilted latex foam with a premium support system that is the preferred choice of leading hotels throughout the world.

The Simmons Product Line:

BeautySleep – Simmons line of innerspring mattresses, offering comfort, support and durability.
Beautyrest Recharge – indulge you in pocketed coil technology, allowing greater body conformance and support, while minimizing motion disturbance.
ComforPedicmemory foam mattresses offering body conformance and pressure point relief while maintaining your ideal sleep temperature.
Natural Care – a special blend of latex to eliminate pressure points and promote airflow that will help maintain your ideal sleeping temperature.

Clearly, Serta vs. Simmons have  great mattress selectiosn that address a multitude of sleep needs. If you would like additional information to help you determine the type of mattress that best fits your needs, ask a certified sleep-geek at your Belleville, Il Sleep Solutions store.


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