Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush in Kendalville, IN

Sleep Soundly on a Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush Mattress

Advanced mattress technologies make for a better night of sleep

Do you toss and turn at night? Have you been waking up tired and groggy lately? Is it harder to get through your day because you feel lethargic? If so, the problem could very well be your mattress. A good night of sleep and a quality mattress go hand in hand, and if the mattress in your Kendalville, IN home is old and worn out, it’s compromising your rest. Read on to learn about the Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush mattress and how it’s helping people everywhere sleep longer and deeper.

Get Relief from Pressure

Part of the reason we turn in our sleep is because our bodies are responding to an uncomfortable build up of pressure. The Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush mattress features a unique material that helps relieve pressure, ensuring that your sleep is tranquil and uninterrupted.

Feel Supported All Over

If you feel too much pressure in some places, it likely means you’re not getting enough support in others. Thanks to a combination of gel beads and advanced innerspring coils, the Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush mattress supports every inch of your body all through the night. That helps you sleep better and prevents you from waking up with a stiff, sore body.  Tweet this

Stay Cool Throughout the Night

No one wants to shiver in their sleep. But getting too hot is just as big a problem, and when you’re under blankets and comforters, it’s the more common problem. That Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush mattress helps you stay comfortably cool thanks to an advanced type of memory foam that ventilates body heat away from you.

Count on Your Mattress for Years

Most mattresses are comfortable when they are brand new. But after thousands of hours of sleep they begin to wear out, sag, and compromise the quality of your sleep. The Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush mattress is different. It features a unique supportive core that ensures its best features continue to help you sleep for years and years after you first sleep on the mattress.

Sleep Solutions has the Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush

If you’d like to take the Serta iSeries Fundamental Plush mattress for a test rest, visit the Sleep Solutions store in Kendalville, IN. This is one of our most popular models, but if you decide you’d like to try something different, we have lots of alternative options. Count on our friendly staff of Certified Sleep Geeks to provide you with all the help you need.


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