Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm in Bellville, IL

serta iseries fundamental firm

Another Great Mattress: Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm

A firm feel provides support throughout the night

How important is having a quality mattress? Just consider the fact that you will spend more time lying on your mattress than you will driving your car, sitting at your desk, or relaxing on your couch. We spend a huge part of our lives in bed, and you don’t want to be lying on an old, worn out, uncomfortable mattress.  If it’s time to start considering an upgrade, keep the Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm mattress in mind.

Hybrid Configuration

There are two primary types of mattresses – memory foam and innerspring. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Serta took the bold step of combining both types into one. The Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm mattress has the durability of a memory foam mattress and the comfort of an innerspring mattress.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The top layer of this mattress is made from a unique type of gel-infused memory foam. It provides the cushion and support that memory foam is famous for, but it also ventilates body heat so that you don’t become hot and uncomfortable during the night.

Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm Support Foamserta iseries fundamental firm

Some people like to sink into the mattress, but just as many prefer a firmer surface. You probably fall into the second category. Thanks to the support foam at the core of this mattress, it provides gentle cushioning while retaining a firm feeling of support. And since Serta uses only the best-quality materials, the level of firmness will not decline over time.

Coil-in-Coil Support

The Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm mattress rests on a foundation of individually wrapped spring coils that are strategically placed to provide support across every square inch of the mattress, and especially the center. And since there are an ample number of springs, each occupant of the bed is fully supported, and tossing and turning is less disruptive to bed-mates. This is quite simply a better way to build an innerspring mattress. Tweet this

Sleep Solutions Carries the Serta iSeries Fundamental Firm Mattress

If you’re ready to start getting deep, restful sleep every night, work with the team at Sleep Solutions in Bellville, IL. The Certified Sleep Geeks  can show you this particular mattress, or any of the other options in our massive inventory, and help you find pricing and financing options that fit comfortably into your household budget.


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