Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud

Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud

Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud

Which one will you choose?

Both Companies use exclusive memory foam technology, and are well established businesses within the mattress industry.  What it comes down to for you is, which one meets all of your sleep needs for comfort and support?  Let’s take a look at both product lines below.

Serta iComfort

In this product line, Serta infuses their MicroSupport® and MicroCool+™ gels into their premium memory foam.  There are 18 different models in their iComfort product line. The main difference lies in the amount gel memory foam materials in each model.


Cool Action Dual Effects material consists of the following:

  • MicroSupport Gel – designed to reduce average body pressure, providing pressure relief
    Gel Beads gather under the area of your body that needs extra support
  • MicroCool gel – Open cell structure with exclusive gel increases airflow and ability to dissipate heat
  • Maintains pressure relieving comfort through a wide range of home temperatures

Size and Comfort levels

In these categories, Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud: even.  Both Companies offer the following:

All comfort levels (from plush to extra firm)
All sizes (King to twin)


Serta offers a 10 year limited warranty on most products.  It is best to ask your salesperson (the warranty may differ depending upon the model, and where you purchase the mattress)


The TEMPUR-Cloud CollectionSerta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud

Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud, the number of models offered is vastly different.  There are over 17 models in the Serta iComfort line.  There are 5 models offered in the Tempur-Cloud Collection. The main differences lie in the top cover, the thickness and materials used in the comfort layer, and the thickness of the memory foam support layer.

Top Cover

All Tempurpedic mattresses come with a top cover, made of either a silk blend or a stretch material containing CoolMax® moisture-wicking fabric with antimicrobial treatment, and TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling material to draw excess heat away from the body. The type of cover varies depending upon the model.

Comfort Layer

The Tempurpedic comfort layer consists of 3-5” (depending upon the model) of medium to high density memory foam.

Support Layer

All Tempurpedic support layers are made up of 100% TEMPUR™ (proprietary memory foam) material. The thickness of this layer varies depending upon the model (5-8.5” thickness).

Technical Specifications

The following technical specifications are provided on the Tempurpedic website. You will need to ask your salesperson for these specs for the Serta iComfort (information not on website).

The Density and Thickness of the memory foam play into the feel of the mattress. The IDL is a durability statistic; the higher the number, the better. Tweet This

  • Density: 3-7 (depending upon the model)
  • Thickness: 3” – 8.5”(depending upon the model)
  • IDL: Between 12 and 14
  • Total mattress thickness=8”-15”(depending upon the model)

Warranty and In-home Tryout Policy

The Tempurpedic comes with a 10 year limited warranty and a 90 day in-home trial.

Sleep Solutions Is The Place To Compare the Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud

The certified “Sleep Geeks” at Sleep Solutions in Belleville, Illinois, are ready to show you the differences between the Serta iComfort vs. Tempurpedic Cloud.  They have extensive knowledge of the features of both, and can provide you the products to lie on for a test-run.

You want to lie on each mattress at least 10 minutes.  Roll around, lie in different positions (side, back, stomach) to get a good idea of the support and feel of the mattress.  Keep in mind that the mattress you lie on will be softer than the same mattress you purchase, because it has been laid on multiple times.  Bring your own pillow.

Be sure and ask about try-out policies and the warranty on the mattress you are interested in; this may differ from store to store.

Sweet Dreams.


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