Memory Foam vs. Innerspring: A Comparison

Memory Foam vs. Innerspring

Which Mattress Type Is Right For You?

Mattress Type Can Make A Big Difference

Both Memory Foam and Innerspring mattresses address sleep health using different technology. Memory Foam vs. Innerspring really comes down to which technology meets your sleep health needs and feels better to you. It is best when mattress shopping, to lie on each type of mattress to get a feel for the kind of support provided.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is made of visco-elastic material. It is usually “Poured” into the mattress mold, and this creates the memory foam layer. A mattress can be made with 100% memory foam, or the memory foam can be layered between or on top of other mattress material.

Memory foam is weight and temperature sensitive to provide a dense, stable, comforting support. It disperses your weight across the surface of the mattress to relieve pressure points. By relieving pressure points, tossing and turning is also reduced. This in turn, provides for a more restful sleep. also weighs in on different mattress types.

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Pressure Relief

Memory foam adjusts to your body’s weight and temperature, so heavier areas sink in further to evenly reduce pressure across your entire body.

Memory Foam Quality

The Quality of Memory Foam can widely vary. Density and foam type/construction are important indicators of quality. Some manufacturers’ memory foam construction is “open cell”. The open cell construction reduces heat and increases the breathability of the memory foam. Heat is a common compliant among memory foam mattress owners.

Memory foam tends to hold in heat, and so tends to run warm. This can make it too warm for some people to sleep comfortably.

Location of Memory Foam

The location of Memory Foam in the mattress construction also determines the effectiveness and feel of the mattress. Be sure and ask about the location and thickness of memory foam layers within the mattress.

Memory FoamMemory Foam vs. Innerspring

  • Contours to your body
  • Pressure Relief
  • Weight and temperature sensitive
  • Dense, stable, supportive feel, “weightless”
  • Traditional Memory Foam sleeps hotter
  • Can be harder for some people to move in.


Innerspring mattresses use a steel coil support system. There are several different types of innerspring systems:

  • Individually wrapped pocketed coils
  • The traditional innerspring: “Bonnel Coils” – All springs connect into a single unit

The spring shape, design, coil gauge, along with the number of springs can vary. Innerspring mattresses are usually covered by padding or upholstery materials, which can include various foams, fiber, and additional layers of smaller steel springs.

Some manufacturers even make “coil-in-a-coil” springs (springs with a small coil inside of a larger coil).

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Individually wrapped coils

Individually  wrapped coils are the most popular coil support system on the market. Coils move independently and are encased in separate pockets so they can contour precisely to each person. They also don’t transfer motion so you can sleep undisturbed even if your partner moves.

Traditional Innerspring

Traditional bonnel innersprings have been the main innerspring unit for over 100 years. They offer durable pressure relief and last for years. However, they don’t offer motion separation or individualized contouring of a wrapped coil support system.

Bonnel coils are linked together with a helical wire which creates a stable feel and durability, but is more prone to motion transfer than a wrapped coil support system.

With a bonnel innerspring, the comfort layers of the mattress are more important for reducing motion transfer and contouring pressure relief than is the case for a wrapped coil.

A Word About Coil Count

The school of thought on this:  The more coils, the more points of support, even distribution of weight, and less motion transfer.

Sleep Solutions Can Help You Decide: Memory Foam vs. Innerspring

Stop by Sleep Solutions and a certified “Sleep Geek” will be happy to help you decide: Memory Foam vs. Innerspring.  Be sure and bring your pillow so you can lie down on each mattress type and see for yourself which type best fits your sleep needs.


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