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mattress stores in st. louis mo

Of All the Mattress Stores in St. Louis, MO, Which is the Best?

This is a tough one because each one has its’ own uniqueness.  Everything from the look and feel of the store, to the products and services offered can be presented differently.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm started with one retail store in Houston, Texas, and has grown to more than 1,700+ retail locations nationwide. It is the largest mattress stores in St. Louis, MO.  They have store owners and also Franchises, and an extensive online store.

They have a huge product selection, and always have a sale and/or coupons offered for customers. According to their website, their sales associates are trained and have a career path with benefits. According to their website, they sell a mattress every 20 seconds.

Mattress Source

Mattress Source is locally owned and has 9 stores in MO and IL. They purchase mattresses in bulk, and pass along the savings to the customer. They offer a wide variety of mattress and bedding products. Their motto is “When you need a bed, go to the source… Mattress Source!”, and “BETTER SLEEP – BEST VALUE.

According to their website, their sales associates are paid only when they sell, and are offered benefits. There is no mention of any sleep education training for their sales associates.

Mattress DirectThinking smiling woman with questions marks above looking up on red sign

Mattress Direct is a local company; owned and operated by lifelong St. Louisans They have 9 locations in Missouri. They are a Beautyrest factory direct showroom and partner with mattress manufacturers and suppliers. They have a huge selection of mattresses and other bedding products, and offer them at prices lower than traditional mattress retail stores.

When you purchase a mattress at Mattress Direct, you place your order directly with the factory, and this saves you money.  Their motto is “Where the price is lower than the best retailer’s lowest sale price, on their best sale day, every day”. According to their website, sales associates are called “Sleep Specialists”, and they receive some training on sleep subjects.

Sleep Solutions

Sleep solutions has a total of 4 Retail Stores; one each in Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, and Michigan. They have beautiful, bright stores, with a huge selection of mattress and bedding products. They also have the bedMATCH™ diagnostic system at their Illinois location.

Their emphasis is focused on the entire customer experience and product knowledge.  Listening to their customers, knowing their products, and investing in training for their sales consultants. All Sleep Solutions sleep consultants (called sales reps in other stores) must be “Sleep Geek Certified” and continue getting relevant education and training. All training and education is made available at no charge to the employee.

In addition to investing in training and education of their sleep consultants, Sleep Solutions has a documented process by which each customer is helped.  Upon entering the store, a sleep consultant will:

  • Ask about needs and answer all your questions
  • Invite you to use the bedMATCH™ diagnostic system (Available at Illinois location)
  • Help you select a pillow
  • Encourage you to rest test recommended mattresses
  • Help you choose a mattress that matches your comfort needs and budget
  • Assure efficient delivery and/or removal of items agreed upon
  • Follow up to assure your satisfaction

Their emphasis on the customer process, along with the education and training of their sleep consultants sets Sleep Solutions apart from the pack when it comes to the mattress shopping experience. Also, their investment in the bedMATCH™ diagnostic system demonstrates their commitment to finding the mattress that is right for you.

Their motto is “Because EVERYONE deserves a good night’s rest”. There are plenty of mattress stores in St. Louis, MO; visit the Sleep Solutions Store nearest you to find the mattress that is right for you, along with a great shopping experience.


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