Determining The Best Mattress Comfort Level

mattress comfort level

What Mattress Comfort Level Works For You?

Choose The Mattress Comfort Level That Works Best For Your Sleep Style.

What level of firmness/softness should I buy to meet my personal sleep style? First, you are going to need to lie on a few mattresses, as they all offer different levels of firmness/softness. We will focus on 4 main mattress comfort level categories: Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, and Ultra Plush.

The Comfort Layer

The first thing you feel when you lie upon a mattress is the comfort layer. It is the layer closest to your body, and it plays a huge part in the feel of the comfort level of the mattress.  Some mattress brands also come with a top cover over the comfort layer, but for our purposes, we are going to focus in on the comfort layer.

Mattress Comfort Level(s):mattress comfort level

  • Firm: A firm, yet comfortable sleep surface with multiple layers of materials for support, durability and comfort
  • Cushion Firm: A firm sleep surface with an additional layer of quilted materials for greater comfort and body conformance
  • Plush: A soft sleeping surface with superior body conformance and deep down support
  • Ultra Plush: A deeper, plusher sleep surface that’s supportive while offering a “downlike” comfort

Size Matters

  • SIZE: Heavier bodies may need a firmer mattress for added support to maintain proper sleep posture. Lighter bodies may want some plushness to help fill in any gaps.
  • CRADLING SENSATION: If you love to feel cradled, try a plusher comfort level.  If you prefer more mobility or tend to sleep hot, start by sampling a firmer mattress.

Sleep Positions

  • SIDE SLEEPER – choose a comfort layer with some plushness (like cushion firm) so you get adequate pressure relief in your shoulders and hips. Start with this level and add one level of firmness to support heavier body weight or subtract one level for lighter body weight.
  • BACK SLEEPER – consider a thinner, firmer comfort layer to adequately support your entire backside
  • STOMACH SLEEPER – choose a thinner comfort layer that fully supports your lumbar so your back does not arch while sleeping
  • COMBINATION SLEEPER – note the thickness for your “plushest” sleep position, and select a comfort layer slightly firmer than this to accommodate other positions. Then choose a support layer that allows you to sink in a little when needed.

Health Concerns

If you have health issues like chronic back or joint pain, asthma or sleep apnea, seek your Doctor’s input regarding the best mattress comfort level.

Test The Mattress(s)!

There is nothing like a good nights’ sleep, and choosing the comfort level that feels the best to you is of vital importance. Tweet This

If you lay on a bunch of mattresses and still can’t decide, go back another day and lay on some more mattresses. This gives your mind time to process anything you may remember about a specific mattress comfort level.

Sleep Solutions Will Help You Find Your Comfort Level

The Certified Sleep Geeks at Sleep Solutions in Plainwell, Michigan or store near you, will be happy to provide you with mattress comfort level information, and plenty of mattresses to lie on.  Now you can make a decision you feel good about that will provide you with a good night’s sleep for years to come.  Sweet Dreams.


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