What’s Better, a Foam or Spring Mattress?

Foam or Spring Mattress

Picking a Foam or Spring Mattress

Find the option that helps you sleep deeper

When shopping for a new mattress, one of the most important things to consider is foam or spring. Both are great types, but if you are going to invest in a new mattress and sleep on it every night you want to know you’re getting the best option for your sleep needs. Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know to confidently choose a foam or spring mattress.

Foam Mattresses


  • Pain Relief – Foam mattresses mold around the contours of your body which ensures that every part of you is supported. That takes weight off of pressure points which leaves you in less pain when you wake up in the morning.
  • Motion Absorption – Foam absorbs motion, which means that if you sleep with a partner, pet, or both, your sleep won’t be disturbed if they toss and turn at night.


  • Heat Retention – The qualities that make foam great at molding to you body also make it great at holding onto your body heat. Some people consider this a benefit, but if you tend to get hot at night you might find it uncomfortable.
  • Odors – Though rare, some foam mattresses have been known to give off a faint chemical smell.

Spring Mattresses

ProsFoam or Spring Mattress

  • Variety – There are lots of spring mattresses on the market right now, making it easy to find options that fit into your budget and support your sleep needs.
  • Ventilation – Spring mattresses are less dense inside which allows your body heat to escape more easily.


  • Support – Some people find that spring mattresses don’t provide the desired amount of support and leave them feeling stiff and sore in the morning.
  • Wear – Over time spring mattresses will begin to sag, and it is often difficult to find a mattress manufacturer that will offer a warranty longer than 10 years because these mattresses have a shorter shelf life.

Find Your Foam or Spring Mattress at Sleep Solutions

So which is better, a foam or spring mattress? That is entirely up to you to decide. Find lots of options in both styles at Sleep Solutions in Montgomery, Alabama, and spend some time lying on one to experience how it feels.

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