Mattress financing options to suit your needs

Start sleeping in your new bed now but pay for it as you sleep! How can you have quality awake time if you can’t afford quality sleep? At Sleep Solutions, you will find several mattress financing options so you can start enjoying life more now, with better sleep and no worries about paying for it all in one shot!

You can be one step ahead by filling out the financing form below and bringing it in to the Sleep Solutions nearest you.



Find mattress financing options, including 0% financing, no credit needed and lease-to-purchase.

  • Synchrony Bank – several flexible payment plans with 12 months deferred interest.
  • Tidewater Finance Company – 0% financing for 180 days or APR applies for financing up to 12 months.
  • Progressive Financing – lease-to-purchase option for 12 months with automated monthly payments and no credit needed OR 0% financing for 90 days. Small application fee applies.
  • WhyNotLeaseIt – first payment required upon purchase but flexible, secure online payment plans to lease-to-purchase. Interest applies. No credit needed but photo ID showing you’re 18 years or older and a Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number are required.

So don’t let budget worries put off your quest for better sleep and awake time! At Sleep Solutions, you’ll find a financing option that works for you.  *Financing options vary by location.  For options where no credit check is needed, a bank account is required.

Start the process before you visit us by downloading the financing form and bringing it in already filled out!