4 Tips to Make Your Children’s Bedtime Easier

Children’s Bedtime Doesn’t Have To Be A Battle

Getting enough deep, restful sleep is important your child’s well-being

As a parent, there are few times of the day you look forward to more than putting your young son or daughter to bed. Once they’ve gone to sleep you can turn off the cartoons, brush aside the toys, and enjoy some time to relax. Unfortunately, getting your child into bed and off to sleep can be a real challenge. And if your child is not getting enough sleep, it can impact both their overall health and their performance in school. Use the five tips below to make your children’s bedtime easier and improve things for parents and kids alike.

Stick to a Schedule

The easiest way for anyone to get to sleep is to stick to a regular schedule. Make sure that your children’s bedtime happens at the same time each night and that they wake up at the same time each morning. Once they get used to the schedule their body will naturally begin preparing for rest at the same time. Consistency is important, though. Make sure that you stick to the times even on weekends or holidays from school.

Work as a Team

Oftentimes mom and dad will approach children’s bedtime differently. Unless you are both putting the kids down each night, it’s only natural that different strategies begin to develop. However, it’s important to get everyone on the same page – including grandparents, babysitters, etc – so that your children’s bedtime becomes more of a consistent routine.

Children’s Bedtime Can Include a Snack

Young, growing bodies require a lot of fuel, often more than they get from three meals a day. Hunger can affect the quality of your child’s sleep. And if they are cranky around bedtime you will have a much harder time putting them down. Consider offering a before bed snack like a piece of fruit or graham cracker. The best policy is to avoid a lot of sugar or anything too substantial. Tweet this

Pick a Security Object

Fears about being separated from mom and dad while being in the dark can make your children’s bedtime an anxious experience. You can help relieve their fears by picking a security object like a stuffed animal or favorite blanket. Once their worries go away they will have a lot easier time getting to sleep.

Sleep Solutions is Here to Help Your Child Sleep

One final thing to consider is your child’s mattress. Too often these mattresses are worn out hand-me-downs, or sizes that are too small for quickly growing bodies. You want to sleep on a comfortable mattress and your child does too. Find the right replacement by working with the Sleep Geeks at Sleep Solutions.


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