Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Small Budgets

bedroom decorating on a small budget

Need Bedroom Decorating Ideas For A Small Budget?

Doing It On A Dime

There are lots of bedroom decorating ideas for small budgets. Here are a few tips to keep the cost down:

Your Bed and Furniture

The biggest thing in your bedroom is going to be your bed. One of the most popular bedroom decorating ideas is to throw a pretty comforter with lots of pretty pillows on your bed.  It is a beautiful and inexpensive way to redecorate your bedroom on a small budget.

How much storage for clothes and shoes do you want in your bedroom? Some people have clothing that mostly requires hanging or folded on a shelf or drawer. There are a variety of inexpensive options for dressers and nightstands, including ones that you can assemble yourself that are stable and look beautiful.

Ikea, Target, and Walmart – they all have good-looking durable bedroom furniture that you can assemble yourself- at half or one quarter of what you will pay a furniture store. Another idea is to consider installing a closet system with lots of shelving-and avoid spending money on a dresser.

Window Coveringsbedroom decorating small budget

The options here are endless; especially on a small budget. You don’t have to invest in expensive drapes or real wood blinds. The latest is wide-slate blinds that are not real wood-but look it! They provide the same beautiful look to your bedroom, and provide the same amount of privacy. They are inexpensive too.

If you have a small window set higher up on the wall, consider purchasing inexpensive film that has beautiful designs stenciled onto it. It is a beautiful look and is very inexpensive. You can find them at any big box hardware store.

The Walls

Keep it simple here. Pretty color paint will go a long way towards giving your room the pretty look you desire, and it is the most inexpensive option for your walls.  Bedroom decorating ideas abound in the paint department at big box stores; it is a great place to go to look at all of the paint color options that will go with your bedroom decor.

Instead of buying expensive framed pictures, consider using a stencil to create beautiful designs as you paint your bedroom. If you do want pictures, consider using photos you have taken, and frame them yourself.

The Sleep Geeks at Sleep Solutions in Kendallville, IN, have lots of bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, and lots to choose from. Visit them today-and get that bedroom decorated using the budget you are comfortable with. Find a store near you.


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