Count on Sleep Geek to reform the way we sleep

Dedicated to the world of sleep, Sleep Geek aims to transform the mattress retail ‘wrestling’ arena into a network of knowledgeable sleep consultants who aspire to spread better health by promoting better sleep.

This means as a shopper, you can encounter sleep consultants looking out for your health, instead of salespeople fiercely competing to ring up top sales, or to simply stay employed.

What’s Sleep Geek?

Leggett & Platt started in May 2010 as a fun online place for sales associates to engage withand remain inspired by each other. It’s education and training that lets them genuinely encourage better sleep and better quality of life for all their points of contact, from family members to neighboring businesses to shoppers.

Geek UWhat then, is Sleep Geek University?

Sleep Geek University is the ‘first professional development course designed specifically for the bedding industry’, and is lovingly called Geek U. The program will:

  • Expand your bedding and sleep knowledge.
  • Train you to better serve your customers.
  • Help position you to become an industry leader.
  • Allow you to get greater joy through your career.

Why get Sleep Geek certified?

After mastering the Geek U coursework, you can become a Sleep Geek certified sleep consultant. So instead of simply selling products, you will advise customers on getting better sleep, whether that means a new mattress or a change in sleep habits.

You’ll become a better listenerreader of relevant news and a respected resource for anyone seeking better sleep. And there are many!

Sleep Solutions has signed up!

Sleep Geek wants to create the same happy stories we do, so we’re on board! In fact, we require all ‘sales associates’ to become Sleep-Geek certified sleep consultants so they can deliver your ideal mattress buying experience.

And even after certified, we encourage them to stay connected and educated. We want geeks so everyone can get better sleep!