Our passion, the preface to our storybook

Discover the introduction to Sleep Solutions’ storybook, the foundation of our being, the passion that drives us. Buying a new mattress means making a commitment of time, money and trust. We want to earn your trust, and we’re going to start by letting you get to know us.

We refuse to accept the norm:

  • Know your customer.
  • Know your products.
  • Question everything.

We seize every opportunity:

  • for our customers by genuinely listening to their needs.
  • for our employees by investing in their future through proper training and education.

We believe in delivering the ideal mattress buying experience:

  • by asking the right questions.
  • with a family-friendly, clean environment.
  • with our proven bedMATCH™ system.

We offer the best in products:

  • quality at every price level.
  • all major mattress types available.
  • accessories to complete the full sleep solution.

Because EVERYONE deserves a good night’s rest.