Share the knowledge. Spread better sleep.

If you cherish quality sleep like we do, work with us to turn dreams of getting better sleep into realities. It’s a job you can feel good about. It’s a job you can check out of mentally at the end of the day, and get your own recharging sleep. And it’s a job you won’t mind waking up for.

Oh, and you’ll have access to everything you need for, and want to know about, better sleep!

Culture geared around exceeding the norm

If you haven’t already checked out the ideal mattress buying experience we offer, now is a good time. If this is how we treat our customers, imagine how well we treat our team members. After all, we are counting on you to keep the doors open and our customers happy!

Ongoing education and training

All Sleep Solutions sleep consultants (called sales reps in other stores) must be Sleep Geek certified and continue getting relevant education and training. This allows us to provide customers with the best solutions in the friendliest and most efficient manners possible. All training and education is made available to team members at no charge. Just bring your desire and dedication to do it!

Opportunities for advancement

Sleep needs change daily and technology changes even more frequently. We’re counting on our highly dedicated team members to help us evolve in product offerings, sales, store ambiance, customer service and marketing. And we want team members to grow with us.

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