bedMATCH™ diagnostic system at Sleep Solutions

With new knowledge that simply getting sleep will not suffice, Sleep to Live designed a technology that would dial into your proper postural support and help identify your perfect mattress for quality sleep. It’s called the patented bedMATCH™ diagnostic process, and it’s just one part of the ideal mattress buying experience at Sleep Solutions.

With proper postural support (and alignment), your blood circulates freely and allows you to get recuperating sleep. This means you need to find a mattress that keeps your headshoulderships and heels aligned. While lying on your side, your spine should be straight and when lying on your back, it should follow a natural S shape.

So how does the bedMATCH™ system work?


  • Kingsdown bedMATCH BobCreate your bedMATCH™ system profile.  First, you and your partner will answer a few simple questions about your sleep preferences and positions.
  • Lie on the bedMATCH™ test bed for 5 minutes. As you and your partner lie on it, the test bed will take 18 statistical measurements and more than 1,000 calculations to complete your personal profiles.
  • Discover which mattresses the bedMATCH™ system recommends. Receive a personalized printout with color-coded recommendations of mattresses that will provide proper postural support for your body and sleep positions. Any recommended beds will have been scientifically tested by the Sleep to Live Institute, Inc.
  • Choose your perfect mattress match. Rely on your Sleep Geek certified sleep consultant to show you the recommended mattresses so you can rest test them. Then decide which one feels best.

That’s it!

Kingsdown - Sleep to LiveIt’s state-of-the-art technology to simplify your mattress buying saga.

Instead of floundering through a showroom full of 50 mattresses, you can zone in on 5 to 7 mattresses built for you in just a matter of minutes.

And because the mattresses match your postural support level, you don’t have to worry about being automatically ‘upsold’. Instead, you can feel confident that you’ll find a mattress that also fits your budget.