About Sleep Solutions
Our inspiration, passion and vision for better sleep

The entire Sleep Solutions story unfolds

We all have our stories. But at Sleep Solutions, we have more of a storybook. The preface starts with our passion to help everyone get the quality sleep they deserve more easily.

The rest of the book beholds hundreds or thousands of stories—from customers, from you—about how mattress buying was easier or about how better sleep has improved lives.

And a well-put together storybook always offers a table of contents.


Our passion, the preface

Delve into this telling of what makes us tick. It’s who we are, how we think and what excites us about getting up each day (besides a great night’s sleep)!


Ideal mattress buying experience

Go ahead. Write your own script describing how buying a new mattress might go, according to your dreams. The ideal mattress buying experience at Sleep Solutions will top it!


bedMATCH™ diagnostic system

We offer scientifically collected data through this state-of-the-art system to back up the mattress comfort and support levels you need to create your own better sleep story.


Sleep Geek certified sleep consultants

Plus we infuse our stores with knowledgeable, friendly sleep consultants who will ask about your sleep needs, interpret the scientific data and personally make sure you’re better sleep story gets off to a good start.


Better sleep support team

If you feel passionate about helping others get restorative or even life changing sleep, check out career opportunities as we grow our team.