3 Ways to Sleep with Lower Back Pain

Effective Ways to Sleep to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Get the rest you need to heal and restore

Getting plenty of rest including a full night of sleep is one of the best ways to alleviate lower back pain. Unfortunately, when you have lower back pain it makes it a lot harder to rest. Constant discomfort and sudden shooting pains can leave you just on the edge of sleep all night long. Luckily, there are effective ways that you can change your sleeping habits to help take your mind off that lower back pain. Here are three:

Add More Support to Your Bed

The way you hold your body when you sleep can be the cause and the curve of your lower back pain. If there is not enough support in your lower lumbar region you can expect nagging problems to only get worse. You have a couple of options if your mattress is no longer working effectively:

  • Add plywood supports under your current mattress, or move your mattress to the floor temporarily.
  • Maintain proper spinal position by putting a pillow under your knees when you lie on your back or between your knees for when you lie on your side.
  • Roll a towel up lengthwise, wrap it around your waist, and tie it gently around your front. This helps maintain the curvature of your spine.

Watch How You Enter or Exit the Bed

Getting in and out of bed can be a precarious process, especially if back pain is affecting your mobility. If you wrench yourself getting in you could end up awake all night, and if you wrench it getting out you could wipe out a quality night of sleep. Here are safer ways:

  • Sit on the side of your bed, bend at your knees with your hands supporting you on both sides, then gently roll into bed on your side.
  • To get out of bed, roll onto your side, bend your knees, and push yourself up with your hands as you swing your legs out of bed. Try to keep your back straight throughout.

Eliminate Other Problems

If you are already suffering from lower back pain, the last thing you need to do is add other sleep distractions to the mix. Here are a few common ones to watch out for.

  • Do not drink coffee, soda, or other caffeinated beverage before bed.
  • Avoid eating a large meal close before bed.
  • Make sure your bed and bedroom are a relaxing, restful space. That means silencing your phone, turning off the TV, and making sure you have enough room for sleep
  • Don’t enter the bedroom worried about being kept up. Stress makes sleep more difficult.

Get Help with Your Healing from Sleep Solutions

The condition of your mattress, the quality of your sleep, and the cause of your lower back pain are all related. You may be sleeping on an old mattress, a broken mattress, or the wrong mattress entirely. Either way, you can find the best possible replacement at Sleep Solutions. Learn lots of valuable information from our free ebook.

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